Best and Worst Days to Fly During the Week

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While every situation is different, and every trip unique, there are some trends in the airline business that can help you save some money when booking a flight. So if you are going to travel and when you fly doesn’t matter, here is a breakdown of the days of the week.

Monday – A very common day for business trips to begin. As such, these flights tend to be more expensive than other days.

Tuesday – One of the cheapest days to fly, Tuesdays are a good day to start or leave any vacation.

Wednesday – Another cheap day to fly, many people planning vacations do not want to start or end a vacation in the middle of the week. You can get some great deals on Wednesdays.

Thursday – Moderately priced, Thursdays come in just after the mid-week days for flights. If you want to take a long weekend, Thursday is a great day to leave.

Friday – Another common day for business travel, Fridays end many business trips. Avoiding Friday is a good idea, if at all possible.

Saturday – One of the better days to fly is Saturday. You do not have the heavy business commute of the week, but most vacationers prefer to wait until Sunday to end a trip.

Sunday – The most common day for personal travel flights. People will leave to start vacations on Sunday and leave to return home on Sunday.

So the cheapest days are Tuesday and Wednesday, with Thursday and Saturday earning honorable mentions, and the most expensive are Monday, Friday, and Sunday. But in addition to saving some money, the lines are also generally smaller on the less busy days, and you are more likely to get an empty seat next to you.

Of course, this is just a basic guideline, and it is important you review all of your options when scheduling a flight. But if you have no specific time requirements, I’d start my search on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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