6 Reasons to Travel by Train for Your Next Vacation

With the rising cost of airfare, many travelers are looking at other modes of transportation to go on vacation. Most generally drive, however that can be an arduous start to any vacation. Instead, here are 6 reasons to travel by train on your next vacation.

Comfort – Train seats are large and your seating area is spacious. No one will be knocking into you, snoring on your shoulder, or stealing your arm rest, like on a plane. And compared to a car, there is more room while sitting, a higher likelihood you will actually sleep, and the ability to get up and walk around if your legs cramp. All in all, traveling by train is the most comfortable way to travel.

Cost – Almost across the board, traveling by train is less expensive than traveling by plane. Even the most bare-bones flights will cost more than a train ticket. And for longer rides, trains are generally less expensive than driving when you factor in gas, tolls, hotel rooms, and the wear-and-tear on your car.

Convenience – Unlike the airport where you have security lines, boarding lines, check-in lines, and waiting time, you simply walk up to your train as it arrives and walk on. There are no security checks, no extended waiting, and no cumbersome check-in. But unlike driving, you still have the convenience of having someone else take you to your destination.

No Extra Costs – Most railroad companies allow more luggage than you can ever need. Amtrak, for instance, allows two carry-on items and two checked items for free. The carry-on items, however, can be up to fifty pounds each, as can the checked items. So you can take four packed out suitcases per person. And if you need more space, you can bring an additional two bags at a cost of $20 each. Compare that to even the most generous airline, and your cost would be in the hundreds of dollars.

More Destinations – Trains stop in many more places than planes. When they stop in cities, they generally stop in the heart of the city, rather than 30 or 40 minutes out of it. When you’re visiting someplace (or someone) outside of a city, you are more likely to have a local stop where you need to be, rather than taking a car ride for upwards of an hour or longer to get where you want to be.

Experience – This cannot be overstated: the experience of riding on a train is a vacation in itself. You will see landscapes which you normally fly over, you will be able to focus on things you normally ignore while driving on the roads, and you will traverse the country on lines that are designed for optimal scenery. Instead of wasting a day or two of your vacation driving, enjoy that time on a train, and extend your actual vacation.

Train travel is not the fastest way to get where you are going, but it is the most enjoyable. So the next time you travel, think about booking a train instead of a plane.

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