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The Best Places for Currency Exchange

When traveling abroad, you are likely to need at least a small amount of the local currency. Even in countries where you can use a credit or debit card for your purchases, you will need some cash for tips, cabs, and as an emergency in case you lose your credit or debit card. And if you are traveling to a country where cash is the preferred payment method, you will need to bring even more. Unfortunately, the process of exchanging currency can be confusing – and expensive. So before taking your trip and going to a currency conversion shop when you get there, consider these tips.

Ask Your Bank – When it comes to currency conversion before your trip, your local bank is probably your best bet. They can usually order just about any currency at a reasonable rate with only a few days’ notice. This allows you to get the currency you need safely at a rate you can compare, with no fees. If your bank doesn’t offer this service, or their exchange rates are high, check competitor banks in your area for a better deal.

Find Out the ATM Policy – Every bank is different, but talk to …