6 Reasons to Travel by Train for Your Next Vacation

With the rising cost of airfare, many travelers are looking at other modes of transportation to go on vacation. Most generally drive, however that can be an arduous start to any vacation. Instead, here are 6 reasons to travel by train on your next vacation.

Comfort – Train seats are large and your seating area is spacious. No one will be knocking into you, snoring on your shoulder, or stealing your arm rest, like on a plane. And compared to a car, there is more room while sitting, a higher likelihood you will actually sleep, and the ability to get up and walk around if your legs cramp. All in all, traveling by train is the most comfortable way to travel.

Cost – Almost across the board, traveling by train is less expensive than traveling by plane. Even the most bare-bones flights will cost more than a train ticket. And for longer rides, trains are generally less expensive than driving when you factor in gas, tolls, hotel rooms, and the wear-and-tear on your car.

Convenience – Unlike the airport where you have security lines, boarding lines, check-in lines, and waiting time, you simply walk up to your train as it …

The Best Places for Currency Exchange

When traveling abroad, you are likely to need at least a small amount of the local currency. Even in countries where you can use a credit or debit card for your purchases, you will need some cash for tips, cabs, and as an emergency, in case you lose your credit or debit card. And if you are traveling to a country where cash is the preferred payment method, you will need to bring even more. Unfortunately, the process of exchanging currency can be confusing – and expensive. So before taking your trip and going to a currency conversion shop when you get there, consider these tips.

Ask Your Bank – When it comes to currency conversion before your trip, your local bank is probably your best bet. They can usually order just about any currency at a reasonable rate with only a few days’ notices. This allows you to get the currency you need safely at a rate you can compare, with no fees. If your bank doesn’t offer this service, or their exchange rates are high, check competitor banks in your area for a better deal.

Find Out the ATM Policy – Every bank is different, but talk to …

4 Things to Look for in a New Pediatrician

This one’s for the traveler with kids!

Whether a parent-to-be, recently relocated or simply looking for someone new, the search for the right pediatrician can be overwhelming. There will likely be referrals from friends, family, the OBGYN, and your insurance company. And they will all sound great, yet each will leave you panicked, wondering if that person is the right fit. But if you are formulaic in your search, you can compare them to one another, and find someone who is a good fit for you. So as you look, here are 4 things to look for in your new pediatrician.

  1. Insurance – Does this doctor accept your insurance? If not, there is no need to even meet; unless you are comfortable paying for each visit out of pocket.
  1. Hours – Is the doctor available when you are? If you and your spouse work 9-5, can you get appointments before work? After work? On weekends? Is there a day when the doctor is available not by appointment? If your child is sick, can you schedule an appointment the same day? Are there other doctors available at the practice if yours is unavailable? Understanding the scheduling practices of the pediatrician is

5 Great Stretches for Lower Back Pain

5-great-stretches-for-lower-back-painOne of the most common complaints any doctor will receive, relates to some form of lower back pain. But before recommending surgery or physical therapy, they will often start patients on a stretching therapy. Here are 5 common stretches that can help reduce and eliminate lower back pain.

  1. Knee to Chest – This is possibly the most common stretch for lower back pain, and it can be done with either one or two knees at once. You simply lie on your back with your legs straight on the floor. Then, you bring one knee toward your chest and hold it for 15-30 seconds. Repeat with the other leg. If this causes too much discomfort, start with both legs at the same time, pulling them toward your chest, together.
  1. Child’s Pose – Go on your hands and knees, then sit back so that your buttocks is sitting on your heels. Next, either reach your hands forward to stretch the middle of your back, or to the side to stretch the opposite side. Hold for 15-30 seconds.
  1. Hamstring Stretch – Lying flat on your back, arch one leg so that the knee is pointing up but the foot is on the ground.

5 Tips for Traveling Alone

tips-for-traveling-aloneWhether traveling alone or for pleasure, solo traveling can be a wonderful experience or a nightmare, depending upon your outlook and experiences. But by following these 5 tips, you are sure to get the most out of your solo travels.

  1. Don’t be Nervous – One of the worst things you can do when traveling alone is worry what others think. Most people will never notice you are alone, and if they do, so what? Do not be nervous or self-conscious, or you will ruin your trip before it begins. This is especially true when traveling for pleasure, but when traveling for business, the same can is true – when you are not with colleagues or clients, enjoy the solitude.
  1. Eat Smart – It is not uncommon to be afraid of going out to eat alone. To get over this, be smart about your meal options. Go to restaurants during the day, when it is brighter and less crowded. You will feel less out of place and more in control of your situation. For dinners, try to find local fast-food style eateries or sit at the bar.
  1. Be Safe – Understand that there are dangers to traveling, whether alone or in

The Hubair Way

Experience travel the Hubair way!

Welcome to our new travel blog, made for people who love to travel and see the world, or maybe the next town. We are a group of people who love to travel no matter where it might be. So, stick around and come by again and share your stories, good or not so good, we’d love to hear them.

We plan on this being a long journey so please, sit back, tray tables up and let’s enjoy the ride together!

6 Tips for Flying with a Toddler

traveling-with-small-childrenWe’ve all been on that plane where a toddler spends the entire trip crying. And as hard as it is for the other passengers, it’s even harder for the parents who simply can’t comfort their child. Here are six tips for you to help you avoid being that parent.

  1. Clear Their Ears – After the plane takes off, you will naturally clear your ears to relieve the pressure. Unfortunately, toddlers don’t know how to do this. Give them a pacifier, bottle, lollipop, or nurse them, to help them clear their ears. Otherwise, they may be uncomfortable the entire trip.
  1. Bring a Pillow – It is hard for most adults to fall asleep on a plane without a pillow, so to a small child, it can be almost impossible. The more you can make it like home, the easier it will be for a child to fall asleep. Also consider a blanket, to help them stay warm and cuddled up.
  1. Screen Time is OK – Whatever your stance on screen time (time watching TV, tablets, phones, or video games), this is a time to bend the rules. Bring a tablet with stories or games for toddlers to help keep them entertained.

Best and Worst Days to Fly During the Week

best-days-to-flyCheck this one out, you’re going to like this post!

While every situation is different, and every trip unique, there are some trends in the airline business that can help you save some money when booking a flight. So if you are going to travel and when you fly doesn’t matter, here is a breakdown of the days of the week.

Monday – A very common day for business trips to begin. As such, these flights tend to be more expensive than other days.

Tuesday – One of the cheapest days to fly, Tuesdays are a good day to start or leave any vacation.

Wednesday – Another cheap day to fly, many people planning vacations do not want to start or end a vacation in the middle of the week. You can get some great deals on Wednesdays.

Thursday – Moderately priced, Thursdays come in just after the mid-week days for flights. If you want to take a long weekend, Thursday is a great day to leave.

Friday – Another common day for business travel, Fridays end many business trips. Avoiding Friday is a good idea, if at all possible.

Saturday – One of the better days to fly is …